“No Sane Man …”



“No Sane Man … would ever press the Red Multiple-Nuclear-Warhead Missile Button…”

thus quoth a Serious News Commentator
[in the middle of the night betwixt Sunday11th Monday 12th March].



Our whole onwards-rushing Human-Race is civilisationally-structured and top-heavily “insane”

such that our entire global surface is literally


by Deluded Dynasties, Doctorates,
and Demigod-Denizens never visible 
nor answerable in public 


Take the Psychiatric Profession,
top-to-bottom and back again several times – 


that each of their members is many-more than one-human-being –
– and is “worth”
and absolutely “needs” and “must have”
10 (ten)-human-living-incomes per week – £3,000


[whilst some of the pharmacologists –
who literally ‘dictate’ over doctors’ and the psychiatrists’ shoulders
what medicational-drugs they should prescribe –
as much as ten-times  that again

( £30,000 per week !!) 


How many human-beings do you think you are, by the way ?