VITAL – urgent ? important ? or “how-much-of-each” ——————————> ?

——->  We already know
that both the Governments and the Universities
are witholding from us
not only


such as the
“Participatively-Cooperative ‘No-Lose’
and ‘win-win-win’ Method III
of Problem-Solving
and of
Conflict Resolution …”
further long lists of “suppressed”  good-advances

but of


and of “hushed-up” seriously-bad-occurrences and informations

such as  that
“the British-Isles Populations have –
for almost hundreds of years –
been both consuming and wantonly-wasting
5 [five]  times more than their fair-&-necessary share
of this Planet Earth’s Lifesupports, Resources,
and of
‘Foreign’ Other-Peoples’ Produce. 

And the fact that the USA Peoples
have been consuming-&-wantonly-wasting
9 [nine] times their fair-share-

does not “absolve” UK-People
from occupying 2nd place
in this World-Scale-‘Stocktake’
of over 100 Countries “usages and “demands”.

“How many human-beings do you think YOU are ?”

And that is why we still “search” for a longest-term-sustainworthy-“via media” …

We have collected “a Hundred” good-advances and truthful-fact-reports –

and we regularly publish some quotes from some of them  –  

today for example
from (1)

Sitting In  The “Fire” [Mindell]
which is all about tackling –
(rather, facilitating)
the Biggest Organisations
to get them truly-
of war, civil-strife, and “conflict-resolution-hot-seats” –
and NOT either “forbidding ‘anger’ and ‘freedom-of-speech'”
NOR turning-the-back,
and ‘washing-the-hands-of-it”

until the Armed Forces can forcibly “bring-about-Peace”.-

Sitting in the “Fire”
“try to maintain face-to-face contact
with the “pot simply simmering” –
keeping it from
keeping on boiling-over
or “spilling fat and flaring-up”-
or outright “Exploding”

keep trying to complete every-one’s awareness of each-others’ situations-and-vital-needs
until ” ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving” can proceed to a peaceful and ‘win-win-win’ conclusion.

From the book itself:  Chapter 8  Public Abuse & Finding Your Voice :-
“Public abuse is supported by, even created by, governmental policy.”


From the second book of today
PostCapitalism  a Guide to Our Future

“Let’s imagine an escape route for Capitalism –
– as a result financial complexity would shrink,
wages would grow,
and the financial sector’s share of GDP would be reduced, as would our reliance on Credit.

And the more far-sighted among the global-elite know that this is the only answer:
stabilisation of fiat [paper] money,
a retreat from financialisation,
and an end to imbalances.


But there are enormous social and political obstacles.

In the first place,, the rich are opposed to increased wages and to regulated finance –
they want the opposite.

Secondly, there would be winners and losers at national levels;
the German ruling elite actually benefit from the ‘debt-colonisation’ of such countries as Greece and Spain;
the Chinese ruling elite benefit from being the ‘gatekeeper’ in a cheap-labour economy of 1.4 billion people..

have an “interest” in blocking that ‘escape-route’ for Capitalism.

But here’s the biggest problem,
for this scenario to work

huge actually unpayable sovereign debts

would have to be ‘written-down’ [“written-off” = “clean-forgiven and forgotten”]

together with a large proportion of the world’s household and corporate Debts.

There is however no global system to make this “debt-cancellation” achievable –
the Chinese savers as well as the Germans are in for losing billions-upon-billions of “dollars” in savings and investments.

It would be an utterly and completely devastating breakdown of the whole of the Globalization System :
and of course such could never be managed Peacefully …  {“}

[“] Meanwhile in the West,
there is no sign of any Strategy resembling a satisfactory way-ahead 


How many human-livings did you say you were “worth”, again ?