National Audit Office – Fundings Fit-for-Purpose-Making


The following has just been submitted to the National Audit Office :-


The hugely-conflicting government spending costs

[focally here Adult Social Care]

are actually worsening Britain’s Wellness-Building and Sustainworthy-Living Needs and Efforts.

{for authoritatively-published Worldwork detail please see Sitting in the “Fire” (by the Mindells Team 1995 – 2014)

An instance of UK Bloatedly-Overcostly & Unfit-for-Purpose Government, NGO  [and consequently-personally-private]

is the Plymouth City Council’s invoicing of Westminster Government
£500 [£3,500 for seven Thursday-mornings 9am to 2pm]
for a minimum-wage sitter
to be with a harmless old lady for 5-hours
[NB nonetheless individually ‘nicely’ and effectively]

whilst her –

with-PCC-OPMHS-&-Landlords PCC Windsor House Meeting
voluntary unpaid 24/7- carer (JSDMiles PCC Carer Number P77099)

obtained further-self-funded-“private”-group-education in Feldenkrais skills
[in Totnes because no such education was available in Plymouth].

[This was between 2013/14 at 116 Whinbank Road, Brake Farm

instigated by Plymouth Community Homes –
like its “parent” Governments-Services
remains constitutionally-&-legislatively-entrenchedly
a dominant


Please also peruse
voluntary not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites ; ; –

and over 600 submissions since May 2010
published verbatim by the Westminster House of Lords small-group two-way-public-reach-out .
[submissor JSDMiles].

NB please:-
We need holistic-health-building
absolutely-separately from the “National Illnesses and Hospitals Sector and NHS” –

and its huge-
[but possibly “essential”]
medical, nursing, and pharmacological ever-“taxes-guzzling” budgetings

1400 Th 08 03 18. jsdm – (1420 slightly-further-detailed)