Judge Jeffries

Jeffries was an historical “Hanging-Judge” –


so notororiously summary was Jeffries in particular, and often ruthlessly unjust,
that people had to hastily agree
“hang-together lest otherwise we be hanged apart'”.



“Things” today have become much more serious,  uncomfortably like a long drawn-out “calm-before-the-storm”  –

and “hanging-together” is no longer possible –
since it’s few-decades of partial-success turns out to have been only-temporary –
we must now and “forever” vote isolatedly-singly
via hooded voting-cubicles and narrow-slotted ballot-boxes

as far as “living” itself goes,
we are now ‘lucky’ if we find ourself
“dreaming apart”.

UK Housing Associations sassssssssssssssssssss remain top-down one-way directive from the wealthy powerful board-rooms of “exp[erienced experts” –


0737  and here we need to start climbing back into a more “friendly” eke-it-out-siege-enduring position ……