Regardless –


of all else

except the

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movements ” 

that you-and-we
are already proceeding with –

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  • Here now with  “ “
  • let us continue “co-appraising”
    the “greater” guidances in hand
  • right-now from “The Mindellian Team”
  • Sitting in the “Fire” 

  • [author:-  Professor and Leading-Facilitator Arnold Mindell]
    “To those who want sustainable communities and organisations my advice is :  begin by being humble.”
    “Go ‘back to school'”.
    “Learn awareness [ing]”.
    “Learn about ‘rank‘”.
    “You will save yourself and your community a lot of pain.”

  • [ jm:- “Rank” in the ‘composite’ sense-on-the-ground, of
    Ability (ies);
    Worldwork-experience –
    and of “WorldLiving experience(s);
    … rather than of
    “rank-and-pay-grade lone-power-to-dismissively ‘fire-people'”].
  • ——————————————————————–
  • Chapter 1 beginning on page 17

  • “Creating freedom, community, and viable relationships – has its “price”.
    It costs time and courage to learn how to “sit in the fire” of diversity.

    It means staying centered in the heat of trouble.
    It demands that we learn about small and large organisations, open city forums and tense street scenes. “.
  • The team goes on to advise us that
    (“) If you step forward without this learning you may spend your time repeating the blunders of History”.(“) [0337]
    –   –   –
    then they start more focally clarifying –
  • The new worldwork paradigm offers us a number of fresh perspectives :
  • Chaos 

  • Learning 

  • Open-Heart 

  • Self-Knowledge   

  • The Unknown     

kindly ‘stay-tuned’ as we now proceed in further ‘little stages’


(1)   Chaos

“In worldwork, conflict and moments of chaos are valued within group-process
because these can quickly create a sense of community and a lasting organisation.”


(2) Learning

“Worldwork expects conflict to be our most exciting teacher.”


(3)  Open-Heart

“Worldwork relies on heartfulness in order to’sit in the fire of conflict and not be burned.
Worldwork uses the “fire’s” heat to create community.”


(4)  Self-Knowledge

“Worldwork stresses that we ourselves are part of every conflict around us.”


(5) The Unknown

“Worldwork acknowledges that sustainable community has always been based on respect for the unknown.”


NEXTLY let us continue following more quote-notes