“In Pursuit of Peace in Israel and Palestine”
by Gershon Baskin- book review

Lord Hyltonpublished 2017 by Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, Tennessee – 275 pages

I have known the author at intervals since about 1987.
Some of his claims may be exaggerated over Corporal Shalit.
I, nevertheless, respect his perseverance in search of a rational peace since he arrived in Israel in 1979.

His memories as a Zionist youth in United States, of living for two years in a Palestinian village in Galilee,
also of the Israel Palestine Centre for Research and Information office,
which was successively in East Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tantur are interesting and enjoyable.
In chapter 19 he gives his ideas about Co-Facilitation from the opposite sides,
followed by 12 lessons he has learnt from the defective, and now non-existent, peace process.

He concludes that the conflict is over territory and identity.  Separation and barriers are not the answer.

The US is not a satisfactory mediator but it could be helpful in implementing an eventual agreement.
The resolution will have to come from within the two peoples themselves.

  1. 07/03/2018 at 5:27 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.I feel so abysmally “sorry”, Lord Hylton –
    amongst other deep concerns-
    that although the USA are still the only ones publishing and trying to implement –
    both in the USA and Internationally –
    the ” ‘No-Lose’ Method lll Cooperative Problem Solving” (Thomas Gordon);
    the “peacefully-positive-revolution” (Edward de Bono);
    the “Worldwork Conflict Resolution” (the Mindells ‘Team’);and also still lead the “creative-human-development-world’
    with very longstanding new findings by
    Prof WT Powers’s “Perceptual Self-Control” team, and by
    Prof Caroline Dweck’s “All-Round-Competent Mindset” team –

    but you appear to have “thrown the baby out with the bath-water”, in reporting to us that
    “The US is not a satisfactory mediator” –
    [maybe their “Trump Movement”
    with its millions-of-human-livings-guzzling “civil and military service” experts
    is reportedly not doing much “mediating”, however]

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