Both You and We – Need to Do “No-Lose Cooperative Problem-Solving”


So –

Let’s begin –

as it were

“all over again”


Step 1 (One):-  Be standing, or sitting,
or be down on-all-fours,
or lying face down or face up –

comfortably breathing…

and letting the seconds tick past …

just letting the seconds go on ticking past ..



Step 2 (Two)  “Allow your various life-situations to cross your mind – and to “exit to back-stage” again  –

and allow your various Needs and Problems to be ready to be “considered” too         –

Step 3 (Three) now you need to be
preparing to meet with your-co-dependent neighbours –
to cooperatively choose one common-need or problem that affects each and all of you –
and prepare to put that Problem-Situation into Words –
Words that ASAP
as-soon-as-possible –
each neighbour agrees to –

[not forgetting each neighbour who is not able to be present
in your face-to-face round-table meeting –
what have they said already
– or written – ]

we each and all need to agree

what is the best description of your common-situation, need & or problem –
and is it clearly written up
where every-one can read it,
and such that every-one can hear it when it’s read aloud  ? .
—————————————————————————————   —————————————


Step 4 (Four)  No Interruptions or Turning-Away –

We’ll each “imagine” a solution that would satisfy each affected-neighbour’s real need as they finally state or agree it  :-

Be prepared to keep speaking in turn, round-and-round,
and round-and-round again,
and again –

Each in turn clockwise around the circle have equal time (say 1 minute each at  first)



Step 5 (Five)  Needs us to “Co-Construct” a “Plan A” that will meet every-one’s individual need
especially including how best to meet the [probable] need of each neighbour not present in the meeting.

and likewise construct a  “Back-Up plan”

Plan B:  for dealing with anything that impedes or  opposes any part of that Plan A.