We primarily need to consider
(not so much what’s “appropriate/good-for-me” and/or “for you”  singular or plural)
but what is majorly-strategicly-needed –
focally here “Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” .
—————- …
If you havn’t had a chance to glimpse
or its source-supports  and
-yet –
they carry quite a good bit of such vital strategic (as well as often ‘current’) needs, basics, and guidances :-:
e.g. The Mindells Team’s  Sitting in the “Fire” 

anything less than Worldwork
and therewith “no-lose cooperatively-egalitarian problem-solving and conflict-resolution”
no longer works on this Earth.-
Most “non-nettle-grasping” ‘radical-reforms’,  ‘peace-movements’,
‘transition-towns’ and so forth –
but also too often expensively-‘insidiously’
become “civil-wars”
or at best
marking-time-organisations” –
and more often than  not are imperceptibly “edging backwards” or “collapsing”
instead of “vitally all-round-no-lose” – “walking” forwards together… [“].