needs us to include also

Worldworking –
[Mindell Sitting in the …”Fire”]

already active and spreading across the ‘wide-world’ –


which in turn could “sub-include”

– wealthy-ish parents
taking their children out of school
and “around-the-world” instead;

to be “learning-real-life-along-with-Life-Itself”



requires us to first start making a

“Co-Progressive Foundation – “

by each publishing

“My Self-Intent” –

{ here in these “out-of-your-taxes”,  not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites for instance
“we” are committing to
“a new peacefully-positivising Human-Civilisation
and its Worldwide Quickly-Up-Date-able Constitution
a ‘specific’

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying ‘Movement’ ” ——>

by participatively following
and ‘living and working-with’

 affordably-published “emulable-life-leaders”
‘which’/’whom’  we have chosen to be both our personal-life guides


our “Civilisation-Co-Sustainworthying” guides

…bear-along with this for the forthcoming timeframe
of weeks/months and years,

whilst “we” take a serious-exploration through

Sitting In The “Fire” 

as our Collective-Guide
from the Arnold Mindell “WorldWorking Team”
Focally, the Mindell-Team is 24/7 endeavouring to help,
and facilitate,
quite large numbers of people

to meet cooperatively

to seriously resolve not only everyday-needs (for food, water and shelter)
but sometimes to resolve


Thus we find ourself first needing to be at least ‘establishing’ our personal-self, as it were, “daily-sustain-worthier” 

and then also to be “co-doing” this with one other person –

and then with a further one –

progressively –

as well as using “personal-sustainworthying guidance”

[such as for instance “safe and easy more-self-aware and self-controlling body-movements” from Relaxercise [Bersin & Reese]

we’ll be ‘wise’ to be looking-ahead
into the bigger-groupings
which “the Mindells” are effectively facilitating
with both new Knowledge for “The Mind”
and with
new Know-Hows for “The Body”


Perhaps now “revise” using
‘No-Lose Method lll  Needs-&-Hows- Meeting” 

Six Thinking ‘Hats’ 


 Sitting in the ‘Fire’    

“Behind the world’s most difficult problems are people

groups of people who don’t get along together.

You can blame crime, war, drugs, greed, poverty, capitalism, or ‘the collective unconscious’.

The bottom line is that people cause our problems.”

“This book demonstrates that engaging in heated conflct instead of running away from it
is one of the best ways to resolve the divisiveness
that prevails on every level of Society –

in personal relationships,
in business,
and in the world ‘at large’,