“Total ‘Detachment’ – ” 1900 F02 03 2018 —-> 2100 onwards ——->

2130 F 020118

Our “presumed” –
Advanced Human intellect-brain’s ability
to both “detach” and “abstract”
our planning-and-doing brains-and-bodies
from the world-we-are-perceiving   

leads us further to consider
a “most-effective-of-all”
“Total ‘Detachment” and “Longest-Term Abstractional-Planning”
but also

After such an emulable-Earth-Facts and Predicaments documentary
as Doomsday 2210  

and whilst now here at “39B Life Refreshment Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Lifeplace-Desk –

now watching a recording of the possible-factuality-based ‘movie’ –

[2100]  which might be seen as a serious-minded “Collection of Worst-Case Worldwide-Disasters Scenarios” 

we have here in front of us as
our “Lifefresh Net” open-foundational-guidances

  •  waiting – as-it-were – on our 
    “Co-Progressive New-Sustainworthy Self-and Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Membership-”
    Model Round-Table – 
  • which we “see” as being in our at-present Sustainworthying World Centre Preparatory Domestic-Rentals-Share-Wing –
    and Co-Sustainworthying Room therein –

we have both
basic facts, factors, and guidances non-fiction books :-

by Laban & Lawrence
[detailing the four pairs of opposite human-movement basics]

3 levels of Geography beginning with GeoFacts’

Earth’s Resources Geo Facts
by Izzi Howell (and, of course, Others)
[broadly showing us this Earth’s Lifesupports – and some of our Civilisations’ Exploitations thereof ]



{ jsdm following now ]

Two “absolutely essential “knowledge and know-how” foundational-guidance “faculties” are now up-front present for us at this Round-Table

“Movement” now includes all kinds of Movement –
including the “almost imperceptible” as well as the “flashingly-sudden”

and yet “naturally”
we are “primarily” concerned with our own Human-Movementorama