At least some “advanced tertiary subjects”
are essential to be assessed sustainworthy and be carried-forward-priority-wise  –

take some of the scientific Bio-Environmental Complexities

e.g  “Oxygenation of Freshwater Lakes, Rivers, and Ponds Ecosystems”-

[my caree and myself]
had a USA “Programmed-Learning” study-manual
teaching such an “Environmental Sustainworthiness” subject
which included not only “oxygenation” but “fluoridation”, “nitrous-pollution”, and several other factors,  too –

but that’s been “swept-away” by “life” –

 i.e. by both the “snobbery” and “inverted-snobbery” pressuresd exerted by “pecking-orders” and “bums-rushing predations”
which are imposed upon “job-seeking global-migrants” as “freely” as “kangaroo-courts” are imposed on “ethnics” or “outlaws” –

both “high” and “low” social-and-job classes
strongly tend to ignore and discard
knowledge and know-how
that is “above or below our pay-grade”
is “somebody else’s job” or is “none of my business”.




We all appear to “have without knowing it” certain “things” –

(1) “Loci of Ambi-sapientias” –
or in plain-talk “memory-stories around words having two possible senses”
e.g. the English word “meaning”
generally “means” “a different word or words indicating the same “thing” or “existence”.


Each language
(3,000+ in use today around the world )
has words “indicating things”
and leading to
“different experiences of other- or sub-things
within-each such thing”

which accounts for “It’s all in the mind” and other such sayings.

There are more “branches” of words, in every language, than there are patterns of snowflakes,


“It’s enough to drive one crazy”

There are knowledges and know-hows above,
and below,
every-one’s one-and-only head –

and that is exactly why we each need to

“speak-our-findings anyway we can”