Life is a Play


Human Survival Really Does Depend Upon

Learning How To Act  

in various Situations and Predicaments

So  ?

I hold in my hand
one of the best survival and thrival guidance sources in existence

Actor Training The Laban Way 

{of learning better body-movements and self-controls}

  using “An Integrated Approach to Voice,  Speech, and Movement”

by Barbara Adrian



Since we Humankind are
“the only animals on Earth who are born not knowing-how, and being able to,

move in order to survive 

and so we have to both learn and be-taught “best-possible-self-moving abilities”

and the most all-round-effective base for that

is not “the gymnasium – speed and strength”

“the stage – all-round realistic life-drama”


provides guidances and enablements
such that
“everywhere-becomes your gymnasium” [jsdm]

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