Your Predicament’s Stifling ME !



All of this Earth’s Lifesupports and LifeForms

are prepared to be 

Reincarnated *


Wasted-Away **


It is increasingly probable that our Human-Race

is actually locked-down

in a “quagmire-almighty” struggle

by EarthLife-Itself  to 


but not at all necessarily

to “thrive”.

[“] … Our human struggle to survive … [“]
(thus quite recently reported by Professor Iain Stewart
in a very serious Documentary Video
broadcast also on UK TV)

[“] … is still ‘inexorably’ leading us
into quite utterly destroying
the very Lifesupports
upon which both we and most animalian life on Earth
just as utterly Depend … [“]

[“] … with the probable “end-result”
of only the smallest Lifeforms surviving: –
– i.e. the Vegetable-‘Kingdom’ Grasses
and smallest Animalia such as bacteria and viruses… [“] ..

{ *  The grape that you eat is in a very real sense being ‘reincarnated’ as a human-being
** but if not thereafter being “constructively-applied” is being ‘wasted-away’ }

“Skip forward” into

 The Human Knowledge and Know-How

“Healthy-Thrival-Need versus Viral-Corruption”   


1.  What is (a) “The Human Healthy-Thrival-Need” ?
and what
(b) the ‘Viral-Corruption ?  

1(a) Both
(i) God’s Natural Life-Evolution
(ii) Humankind’s Artefactual Civilisational Development 

have “founded” in our Human-Progress Knowledge-&-KnowHow ‘Bank’ 

the Divinely-Innate Successively Sevenfold Human-Life-Energies   
[of  “Grounding;  Centring;  Boundarying  (iv) Bonding  (v)  Sounding;  (vi)  Facing  and  (vii) Spacing] –

[which at first “grew” as
the Seven Chakras (in Asiatic Indian civilisation),
as Seven Sefirots (in Monotheistic Judaism);
and as Seven successive Sacraments in the ‘Western-Monotheistic and Christian tradition –
{ Baptism;  Confirmation;  Communion;  Marriage;  Confession;  Ordination; and Unction }.]

These Innately Divine Human Energies “unfold” over the firsty 21 years of growth
and successively “require” the growing human-infant to take self-control of each successively
up to the approximate age of 21
at which age s/he should “both Naturally & Civilisationally” have completed [“achieved”] operational-mastery
of their own 7-fold human-energies
(including of the “one-way-unconditional, daily Unction ‘function’ “)


“Skip” again ——>  Thursday 01 March 2018  “Berlin News” –> (“) Multivalent Human-Sexuality including Same-Sex-Marriage (“)

The Human-Life-Foundational 7-Fold Divinely-Innate Developmental & Maturational Succession
has ‘obviously’ been both interrupted and corrupted
for many Millennia.

Skip again –

The natural [and “Godly”] human-developmental energic-succession
clearly needs a “matching” civilisationally “co-educational” service –

but this has historicly-long been not only neglected
but ‘deliberately’ “cut-down and cut-out” .   

Skip to major sub-instance:-

Whereas the human baby is the only animal on this Earth that is born
not knowing-how, and being able, to ‘move itself to survive’ –

and having “further negatively-evolutionarily-civilisationally”
been “caused” to be born ‘prematurely’
(after only 9-months
[the natural-evolution full-term’ would have been 12 months –

but 9-months “big-enough-head” -so’s the mother could still run-away from predators
fast enough for both her and the baby-in-her-arms to survive
{and thereafter therefore to ‘thrive’} –

so the infant needs
very substantial
practical-body-movement education – 


because of the “urgent-&-unique” need
to also be ‘continuously’ keeping-up with the growth of the Super-Limbic Intellecual-brain – 

that 21-years-minimum maturational-education
needed to be not only majorly ‘co-educational’
but especially extra-foundationally



{0833    off-stage, prepare to Enter  “(b)  viral-corruption” }

0817 – pause for breath please ———— Prep:-  the “divinely-innate sexual
[now more complexingly having to include “genderly”]
has to be preceded by “self-competent mastery” of Chakral/Sacramental/Functional Energy-Centre #!
first essentially in relationship to the “notional – but very-real” Chakra #0 —–>the-Earth-under-one’s feet .

proceeding “upwards” through the Legs and substantially well into the Chakra#2 “Pelvis & Hara/Breadbasket”  –

we truly Need to start mastering our “Sex” energy/”co-energies”


0900 ======= please to continue “breather-ing” —————.