Further Deadly-Serious Human-Survival Complications

  • Human-Evolution, Development, Survival, and ‘Thrival’  Complications

  • Verbal-Hijacking by the English-Worldwide-Authorities 

  • runs rife down through potentially 8 billion trusting human-minds and actively-struggling-bodies-
    especially from Governance, Academic, and Religious “Top”-Authorities
    who set in “politically-correct concrete” and “constitutionally-entrenched exclusive legality” corrupted verbal-senses
  • such as
  • “myth”

  • hijacked to mean “disinformation”, “fake-news”, “falsehood”, “deception”, “lies”, “malicious-gossip” “red-herring” (and so forth).
  • Whilst concomitantly flawed and deceptive Religious Dogma
    is peddled and one-way-dictated in schools and many other places including in Churches and in Homesteads
    as being “factual-history” and “absolute undeniable truth”
  • ———-
  • Previously rifely, and ongoingly daily “bums-rushingly” also,
    we are mind-function-ly “blindfolded”
    and  “iron-masked”
    by such “purposefully puerile pretentiousnesses”
    and verbal-wistings
  •  “Shot-in-back-by-own-troops”
    is officially to be called =

  • “Murdering, mass-murdering, forcefully-banishing –
    your ‘foreign’ neighbours
    has to be called “cleansing them” –

  • Within this current “New Humanitarian Age Ascent of Mindfulness” –
    the domineeringness
    of “mindlessnesses”
    holds repressively and suppressively
    both overshadowingly and underlurkingly. 

  • ================= 

  • Turn now to “Sex Education”
    and you’ll find it already “Publicly-Owned Worldwide”
    by “Porn-Profiteers”
    and their grotesque misapplication and murdering
    of the vital-worldwide English Language

    and thereby corruption
    of vital holisticly-healthy human-conduct and behaviour
    “into the ‘bargain’