“Dementia” False

“Dementia” is a False Term
and a False Practical Diagnosis.

To begin with, the “normal-human” –
and the “holisticly-healthy-behavioural”
Models being applied
are Faulty … 

and quite appositely should be seen to be

“full of holes instead of wholes”.

Furthermore,  our onwards-‘careering’ Civilisational-Pyramid’s Corruptly ‘Blind’ Core-Delusion
is a “multimaniacal” and “class” almost “generic” one
often also “monomaniacal” or
 “megalomaniacal” –

wherein the “pot-calling-the-kettle-black”
rides-rife –

almost having become human-constitutionally “normal expectation”



the “sufficient weekly income for one-human-being
to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike, and progressively-environmentally-supportive, is
(say in the UK)
£300 per week (which includes rent-allowance):
we need to scrutinise the “crazy-outcome” –

Two individuals [“A” and “B”]  inhabit neighbouring housing in a street –
same mandatory amounts of rent, food, drink, clothing, utilities “Living-Costs”.

One has a £300 “sufficient” weekly income –
the other (however) being a psychiatrist(e) “needs” £3,000 a week
before s/he will even “get out of bed”. 

At the end of the week :-

“A” has no money left over;
but “B” (the psychiatrist(e)) has £2,700
to “blow”., “blue”, or “brandish”.   

the psychiatrist(e) is in “social-mobility” terms
“the better – the more accomplished”

– the more “fully-developed and educated”
citizen and person
of the two .

the psychiatrist(e) thinks her-him-self to
“absolutely NEED”

10 (ten) human-livings per week

thus becoming ongoingly [and constitutionally-legally]
nine-times deluded

i.e. that s/he is 10 (ten) human beings


The Psychiatric Profession lives
and works [40 hours per week]
in the Overarching [and Underpinning]


of the Bank-Director-Chiefs *
who, believing themselves to each be
as many as 400 human-beings
[[HSBC Chief many more so,
“having-to-be-gifted” £5 million per annum ‘salary'(before-bonuses) ]


  • * ‘Bankers’ now  widespreadingly  seen more as

  • “Banksters”

  • Having myself cared 24/7 for a person I gained some quite considerable experience:

  • with firstly “Alzheimer’s Disease”
    and shortly-nextly she was  “up-graded” to

  • “Dementia”
    from the same stupid diagnostic ‘test’
    that makes you “remember” three(3) odd words
    for about 15 minutes whilst the “expert” pours out other mind-body-spirit challenging distractions
    suddenly then requiring the “client” to quickly say back those three words.

  • Why would any normal human-brain need to thus remember
    three words
    that have nothing whatsoever to do with their immediate needs –
    and possibly would not help them even with any of their longest-term-lifespan Needs ? 

  • ===============================

    Music –  Arts  –  “Ambiences” –
    and other Non-Essential Lifesupports,

  • Carl Jung was one of those “life-holistic-health-building-pioneers”
    who advised people to

  • (1)  “keep re-visiting” their good early-childhood memories
    e.g. of the “happy lifesupportive things”, and of Aesop’s Fables, of Fairy-Tales, of Nursery-Rhymes,
    of Baby-Games, and of other “pre-school” and “pre-religion” enjoyment times .

  • Jungians were also advised
    to maintain contact with their Mentor or Therapist
    priorly to contact with Others –
    {especially not to have contact with ‘strangers’
    as yet during the deep and quite new and often “strange-seeming”
    go to the therapist at least twice a week
    but not necessarily more than three time –

    this was also “mandatorily” essential to help the “analysand” (‘client’)
    to avoid “backsliding” into “wrong habits that feel right” –
    as well as to maintain “all-round-balancing” and “forward progress”.

  • ==========================
  • My caree thus also came to be
    some of her “doctors’ diagnoses” and “nurses’ findings”
    [as to “having Alzheimer’s” and “deteriorating into Dementia”] –

  • and I came to be ‘learning’
    from being with her
    [and being 24/7 with the impairments that civilised-life had progressively ‘heaped upon her’]
    what was “good for her” and “how” to help her “get” that.
    It included my developing abilities –
    such as to keep humming tunes that she had grown up with – other things she knew including her lifelong “autograph-book” –
    [incidentally she had been keeping her daily diary neatly even in faint pencil –
    which truly “gobsmacked” all the “we-know-best” professionals when it was shown to them -] –
  • and I used even “talking aloud to myself” –
    which she especially enjoyed when I added
    “Good old God -”
    [in German “Gott”, in Polish “Boog”]
    ” – I know You’re always listening, anyway ! -”
  • But “The Authorities “slapped her with a ‘Deprivation-of-Liberty Order’ “-
    incarcerating her under lock-and-key –
    and amongst totally strange and non-understanding,
    non-companionship-competent “professionals”
    and “normal English-neighbours” –
  • advising me “not to visit her because she gets upset that she can’t “come home””
  • ==============================   

  • And still even The United Nations has no programme for,
    nor supportive recognition of,
    Lifespan Individual Human Development and Holistic-Wellness-Building 

  • and still we daren’t say “Health” when we mean “Health”
    because our National Health Service is an Illnesses and Hospitals Sector
    and NOT Health-Building –

  • and some Doctors and Parliamentarians have said so on TV
    “Britain has never had a Holistic Health Building Service –
    because the NHS has proved to be a good “Illnesses and Hospitalisation Sector”

  • so precisely because the existing since 1948 “National Illnesses & Hospitals Sector”
    has proved so necessary and good
     it’s too late now to correct that “NHS” misleading-title –

  • Back in 1948 it was an ‘enthusiastic oversight’
    that permanently mis-named it “NHS – National Health Service”.

  • PS    Spain, however,

    has managed to launch
    a “separate-from-medical”
  • “holistic-health-improving service”.
  • ————– 1355 self-and-chores time ——–