Top-Down Corruption


Corruption has “branches”

corruption of

including of certain-body-parts,

of Emotions,

of Mind-Functions,

of Environmental Elements:-  { (i) Bio-  (ii)  Built  (iii) People-from Friendly to Enemy  (iv)  Life-supportive }

of Spiritual-functioning,

of Sanctuary,

of Workplace

Take “Top-Down Permissive-Corruption”
of Constitutions, Legislatures, Civil-Servants,
of Religious institutions and people,,
of Health-Services,
of Education-Streams
and of whole Communities, Nations, and Civilisations..


Instantiation :-

“The oldest profession or trade”
in the world is
hetero-sexual prostitution –

majorly by women to men;
thus for a an excessively disproportionate money payment
women may “satisfy” mens’ “need”  

whilst the Government nor “demanding” Men
do not need the women to pass holisticly-healthy-and-life-educational performance skills
such as a progressive NVQ grading;

nor do the women themselves require and establish such trade-skills-training and life-education-relevancies.


That “sex-industry” is a compound-corruption.