“Prioritising ————>”

Sorting through this Earth’s,
this Human-Civilisation’s,
and these various People’s


both short-term and especially longest-term –

might be quite some –


Game !!!

don’t you think ?


 One ‘supposes’ that the first two things for any or  all of us to choose to be a-doing are


Construct Timelines, Timeframes, and “States-of-Planet-Earth”.

List all the Absolute-Essentials –

firstly for our Human-Future on this Planet-Earth –

but also side-listing “carry-forward-essentials”
viv-a-vis the next “planet” our progeny will need to  “space-emigrate” to –         

1.  Our Own Individual and Collective Human Biological Sustainworthinesses;
2.  Our Bio-Ecological ‘Stewarding’ Abilities


3.  Our Scientific and Technological-Know-Hows
4.  “Long-Life Prototypes” and “Models”


In short –
Our All-Round-Fitnesses
for Longest-Term “Thrival-Survival”.



B.  Foreseeing Our ‘Inter-Planetary Space-Emigration’   

Anecdotally :-

Supposing that we are not about to be “rescued” by an advanced-extra-terrestrial-race –
but have to “stand on our own two feet” – 

but that space-travel at the speed-of-light, or maybe even faster, is “viable” –

and that technologicly we can develop such a “spaceship” or “spacefleet” –
for our “best” to survive in
long enough to reach somewhere “friendly” like “Proxima B” –

But also that –

supposing our Chance of “thrivingly-surviving”
throughout the Journey,
and upon the new “Terra-Firma” could be improved –

for instance

by -pseudo-evolutionarily developing
a sub-class of Humans
[homo sapiens sapiens micromus] –

as a Space-Travelling “Midget-Human-Race”   

(ii)   by therewith designing much smaller “spaceships”
and thereby enabling more “reserve”
and “back-up”
to be successively launched …


 C.   The Biological Lifesupports Needs 


Majorly including longest-term plans to manufacture concentrated Nutrition packs.


D.   The Technological Lifesupports Needs


         E.   The “Self-Defence” Needs 


    F.     The “New Terra Firma” Entry and ‘Colonisation’ Needs and Equipments