“Already Unready”

How sustain-worthy are you ?

For any one-human-being to be “adversarially-destructively” consuming
more-than-one-human-living –

is in any language and environment

neither  sustainworthy
nor  sustainable


Already this “Only One Earth” has had its Natural-Lifesuppoprts


to about half of what they were originally and 1000 years ago   

whilst our “Leaders”
have hugely increased our Population numbers
literally to Plague-Proportions  

and have increased our Human-Demands and Destructions
until now our “Leaders” are requiring “more people” –
– up through 8 billion to the 20 billion ‘mark’
and-still increasing the numbers of our human bodies & mouths
to be supplied from this “remaining-half-Earth” plus a further

Four (4)  Earths-worth 

of human-lifesupports alone !

[God Above Only Knows Where We’re Going To Find at least “three-and-a-half” pristine “virgin” Earths –

and How “Tow” them
and Anchor them near enough to this dying Earth
to ‘economicly’-continue “plundering” them

to “meet our increasingly-dominantly-essential Human-Needs”
and including moreover
our Governing-Majority’s right” and “privilege” to be given “multiple-human-livings each”]