Ongoingly Co-Effectivising Life

We Hunans Individually as well as Togetherly 

Need to be 

Ongoingly Co-Effectivising Life Itself
All Around This Now Deeply-Distressed Planet Earth

It really is “you and me” and “all some of us”
who now need to be daily meeting,
however brief-timeframe-ly,

to continue “sustain-worthy-ing” our-selves
but together face-to-face and hand-to-hand

To become “co-immersed”
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing”


Whenever we “skip”, “just delay this a little”,
or more permanently mindset-ourself upon “the others’ll be meeting and carrying it on” 

We are “as good as self-&-others extincting already”


so –

We need to be regularly, as well as “any-day-drop-in-li” meeting

at a ‘graduateing’ round-table

in a suitable minimal-practice room or outdoor space,

” From this day on” we need to be “growing”

“likeminding-and-like-practicing” dyads and small-groups

and especially greater plenums –