Full of Fools’ Paradises

Today’s Human Civilisations
have All become

Full of Fools’ Paradises

Not just the “Leaders”,
Doctors, and “Mind-Expertise Psychiatrists” –

who deludedly think they are each as ,many as ten-human-beings
not simply the factually-existent
and real-one-living-needy
one-human-being [each]

and who as a constitutionally-privileged, protected, hugely-overpaid and obscenely–over-rewarded
and who will ‘traditionally’ send us all to War
to defend-to-our-death and veritable mass-slaughter

their so-called “right”
to be handed-out a regular hugely-excessive income as “pay”, “salary”, “earnings”,

and be propped up all round in luxury
because they each and all “need”
and have the “right” to take
goods, services, monies, and powers
amounting to many more than  just one-human-being
in real-Earthlife-terms actually does “need” – –

-and that “Fools’ Paradise Civilisationally Hierarchical Pyramid of People”
increasingly believes and militantly insists, as they ‘ascend’ up the pyramid’s
central- “Social-Mobility” stairway to “The Established Top”

that they are each many-more-than-just-one-human-being ——-

but we permanently-low-income ‘poor’

have also been slyly deluded

that we are “world-saving-citizens”
but only ‘entitled’ to one income,
of only £150 each per week plus some rent-assistance say total £300pw
which is a sufficient living for any individual human-being,
entitled to live in Britain
sufficient for them to maintain their-self healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive –

but the Fact that we in Britain

are each consuming and wasting 5 (five) times more than our fair-share of the Earth’s and of Other Peoples’ and Countries Lifesupports

such factuality

is covered-up

is  banned-from Relevancy

is ‘elbowed out-of-existence”

is so summarily ‘suppressed’

by Governments, Civil-Services, the Media,
and bythe Education and Community Systems
and in ultimate-depth too   —