Our Futures

There prevails an Establishmentarian-Deception –  that

“Human-Civilisation and Life-on-Earth progress
has to be designed, made, led, and directed by

The Established World-Elite

and Their Subordinate Institutions and Individuals –

including World-Dominant Bodies
such as The United Nations,
the World Bank,
the World Trade Organisation,
All Major Governance
Nation-States, Constitutions, Executives, Administrations, Organisations and Judiciaries 

All Macro-Economic Organisations,

All Armed Forces,

All Workplaces and Lifeplaces …

All Small-Groups

and also All Individuals

plus both
“Little Miss Muffet and Her Tuffet”
“Any Man And His Dog”  –   

All –

have become

the Globalised-Financialised-&-Neutralised




Elite Oligarchic

Planet Earth-1
and of
Any and All of Its Futures

including “de facto” of  a Total-Extinction Future


Yet we
‘Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing Movement Members’

do wholly and wholesomely believe in Carrying-Forwards
alive and advancing 

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement  

even as the Pre-Requisite
to such “scholarly-future-forecasting” Futures as

Four(4) Futures – Life After Capitalism

published by Peter Frase 2016
via VERSO (NY)   

in which he foresees 

 4 (FOUR) possible FUTURES  *

(1) Communism – (but of Equality snf Abundance )

(2) Rentism  – ( Hierarchy and Abundance )

(3) Socialism   ( Equality and Scarcity)

                  (4) Exterminism  ( Hierarchy and Scarcity)

=========1800 F 23 02 18  To be continued ========


And we hereby continue our Sustainworthying Preparations and Foundations