“NOW” – as the only means to a Thriving-Future

“NOW” – as the only means to a Thriving-Future-


simply requires

some quite complex Time-framing and Material-Prioritisation


and up-to-date-reliable non-fiction Global-Situation and Biomes-Information Reports

========================== .

Wartime “feverishly-urgent” design, production, and implementation
of more and more destructive Weaponry and Tactics
Fighter and Bomber Airplanes  –

now 2018 we.ve had almost 100 years of “freedom-to-produce-peace-bujilding-things, places and people”

freeview channel 48 movies4men shows the historicly-factual “FW190 Nazi fighterplane” versus the Spitfire( and the Mustang –

but we have advanced, havn’t we,
in all those tens-of-years of peace-at-home ?  ?

yet ………  alas!

can you afford 

a healthier “Octaspring” non-metallic sleep-mattress  ?
proper “posture-wellbeing” chairs ?
herb-garden areas for your home ?
double-glazed windows ? 

accessibility to guaranteed factually-true and complete news information sources ?

especially also
guaranteed egalitarian access and participation
in cooperatively-participative neighbourhood-conversation and ‘no-lose’ problem-discussing and solving centres  ?