Currency-Notes [continuing from 1200 F 23 02 2018: S&CC-SMGenericly]

The WWS&CC-SM* is able to support
and both encourages and co-educates herein


Just as CG Jung found the “ideal” individual human self-development state to be personally-dynamic “ambiversion”
[alternating between introversion and extraversion]

so our  SCCSM’s “collective” hierform uses “Equiversion” in our definitive core and centri-fugal/petal processes
of “Forward-Carry-able Prioritisation”

Thus our dyad, threesome, foursome, fivesome and more-numerous-group “essential-alternation”
can begin with any SCCSMM “self-ambiverting” prior to “connecting” with any other individual, member or ‘non-m’,
for fully-conscious or partly-conscious [“aware”]  “equiverting” ———–> an instantial of which could be

the pairs in a game of tennis or badminton
where each individual tends to “rock”  or “sway”
and also to “space-area-move” –

in coordination with their partner’s “self-in-game-place-positioning” …

  •  * SCCSMM = Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement member
  • =====================================================================
  • So it is eminently possible for
    a “Queen’s Marksman” {or Markswoman/Marksperson i.e. “Sniper”}
    to “time-and-place-appropriate-alternate
    between being a Trad-Establishmentarian “Sniper”
    and being a
    Non-Sniper Peaceful-Revolutionary SCCSMM
  • “So on we go  –    it’s well-fare is our concern …”


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