What “Bottom-L:ine” – ???

These three not-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntary-Earth-citizenship e-sites are about


NOT about “Politics”.

LIFE itself
has much more important and urgent
than “mere privilegocratic profiteering politics”

We are, all-told-daily,
amidst millions of “bottom-lines”  !!!

No joking but our laundry
and state of domestic-cluttering
are ‘apparently’ of more urgent priority to us
than is the approaching

by China’s ‘New Silk Road’

[ – and by the way China’s long-term strategy has already for decades been putting the USA in Deep-Financial-Debt to them
to the tune of some $US10 trillion –
the annual interest on which, having to be paid to China by the USA
[and therein by those other countries, ‘hooked-in’ by their ‘smaller’ indebtednesses  to the USA]

  together being sufficient to fund all of China’s Defence, Police and Security Armies and Forces


Yet the enormous underlurking

  including that Americans are consuming and wasting
9 (nine) times more
than their fair-share of the Earth’s and Other-Countries’ Lifesupports and Resources

and we Britons are consuming and wasting 5 (five) times more than our fair share

is being hidden from us
by both the UN and National Governments
and by the Media, Education, and Community Centres and Streams

Instead we are being deluged by “immediate emergencies”
and by “security cuts & bruises bandaids”

Take “Career-Training” by Universities, for instance – in the UK News this week 

it is the Individual Capitalism Employers who make the Big-Profits from those graduates’ labours   

therefore it is the Individual Capitalistic Employer Class
that needs to take over complete payment for that University Career Training
– not the students, nor their parents, nor the taxpayer.