The Invisibly-Lurking “H.S.V.O.U.O.”

So not only need we now question

“where does this invisibly parasitic ‘virus-thing’  come from” 

“why aren’t we “pruning-it-back”   –   already ?   


It really is some evil


an “invisible” that has even rendered
the Psychiatric Profession

Delusionally Unsustainworthy  

both Immediate-and-Longterm  

[Thinking they are

and thereby “believing-life-and-death-like”

that they each “need” up to  ten-human-livings or more –

“got to have £3,000 a week each”

or they can’t enjoy –
therefore won’t –

work ]

[at diagnosing others ‘deluded’]


So not only

“where does it come from” 
“why don’t we ration-it-out-of-dominatingly life-extincting greed “- ?

get psychiatrists

– and all multiple-human-livings guzzlers – [

especially bank chiefs who in their thousands
run away home
to luxury estates
“private” life-polluting yachts,

after a mere handful of often failed-hours at work,
with as many as 400 human-living each per week]


get them all down-onto-This-Earth
and begin living Life-Supportively
and Lifeplace-Personally-Efficiently –
making ends meet off the one-human-living that is sufficient for every individual human being 


We can’t survive –
and certainly not thrive

for many more years – with so many “Up-There-In-Power”

constituting that they are the

“Some human-animals who are are ‘more-equal’ than other human-animals”  –


Perhaps there might also be a similarly paralysingly-lurking
sense-devouring, like “living-flesh-eating” micro-monster,
 another V.U.O. 
[Virus-of-Unknown-Origin] –

that turns this Whole Writhing-Seething-Human-Pyramid
of 8-billion and still “ballooning” hungry mouths
and 16-billion kicking-legs”

turning us into into the literal Plague-on-Earth
identified by Professor Jonathan Stone
and the International Universities alliance for Environmental Studies
[centred in Australia in the 199Ts].

Our “leaders” see no need for them to become “emulable” –
nor to learn anything new –

they have already discovered and taken-full-possession-of 


they are already into a
“Divinely-Constitutionally Legalised ”
and thereby are delivering the best-possible


of The Mafia Power-and-Lazy-Murderous-Greed-Pyramid 


The 1500+ Billionaires ‘Body In-Power’ On-High
has all the
Divine-Rights of the


Or Something Distinktly Fishy’s Going Down
Somewhere Deeper Than
the Mere Humanly Mindful Heart