The Keys to Making Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthy – 1 (1115 T 20 02 18 – jsdm)

-( We’ll remove the brackets as we achieve unanimity in Prioritisation )

Stipulative Dictionary Essentials:
[further ‘definiens’ (“details”) necessarily exist and will follow]
and many have already been included in previous publications and Guidance-Sources lists of references and bibliographies in these 3 e-sites)

(i)  Lifeplace 128 hours-per-week  (‘versus’)  Workplace  40 hours-per-week.
(ii)  One-Human-Living  = £300 per week [+ plus constitutionally-regulated (‘capped’) effectiveness-enhancing allowances/’buffers’/holidays/rewards]
(iii) Peacefully-Revolutionary Planning, and New-Constitutional, Objects, and Rules writing,
should be done in Round-Table-Meeting Rooms and Centres.

(iv) “Pioneering”, “Steering”, “Core” neighbourhoods, leasehold-kitchen-market-garden estates, and individual-sustainworthying-households
must lead the testing and progressive Implementation “on the ground”
of the Peacefully-Positive Revolutionary Plans that are agreed in the Round-Table-Meetings.


(1)  Personal Lifeplace Efficiency:  requires
(a) the individual’s (your) advancing Self-Control
[achievable directly from the known and published Guidance Sources]
(b)  These same share-able Guidances to be used by progressively numerous groups of individuals
Guidances viz:
(i) The “Perceptual Self-Control Movement” [W.T.Powers]
together with
(ii)  “Somatics” [T. Hanna)]
(iii)  “All-Round Mindsetting Enablement” [C. Dweck]

and with a “Strategic Overviewing Check-Sheet”

(iv)  “A 7-Fold Holistic Living Model”
[printable already from within other pages within these three e-sites,
 the JSD Miles further development, following various ‘traditional’ (but now incomplete and some ‘confusing’) 5-Fold Holistic Models ]

these four advances need to replace the
now unfit-for-main-human-life-purpose “Reinforcement Theory”] .


 (2)  Group, Neighbourhood, Community Sustainworthying Progress :  requires

(c) “‘No-Lose’ Method lll Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem-Solving Implementation”. [T. Gordon, originator].
together with
“Six Cooperative Thinking Modes”  [E. de Bono]
How To Peacefully Make Arguments Winnable”  [M. Pirie]