Our Humankind Shortfalls Disaster-in-Progress



Our “Developed” Countries

only became “developed”
at the cost of many hundreds-of-percentages
in excess above ‘our’ rightful-share

of this Living Planet Earth’s Lifesupports

and hugely in excess of other “undeveloped” peoples’-&-countries’ privations, labours, and resources –

  and our “developed” countries & peoples have only gone on
and are still continuing to aggressively take
many times more
of the World’s Lifesupports, Financial Backings, and “Security-Forces”
than is our rightful-share –


we are being not only “politically”, “educationally”, and “human-rights-ly”


by the Elite-Pick-of-the-People-Peak 

to keep-on-increasing that

but to also “raise-up” the undeveloped peoples and countries to the same level –

and Higher

at an increased total-lifesupports-cost now of

Four (4) planet Earths Lifesupports 


As Professor David Smith foreshadowed in his international universities Environmental text  Continent In Crisis
and said near the end of  “Australian Environmental Studies” Open University in the 198Ts

(“) With the Earth’s Lifesupports being consumingly and technologically  driven, by “us”, negatively down down down,

but the Human-Civilisation “Stock Market GNP” showing them to be going up up up – 

someone needs to tell at least the Economists that they’ve got a fundamental equation wrong somewhere … (“)   

In the same Internatiopnal Course senior Professor Jonathan Stone added
(“)We humans have actually become a Plague upon Earth already (“) 


So, how can our Needs, Values and Priorities
still be so deliberately being driven
so disastrously Wrong ?