How Even Possible – Is Needs-Participatory-Democratisation ?


What we have always truly and very deeply needed is

“Needs-Participatory = Voting for Specific Lists of Needs

instead of for “privately-profiteering ‘credibly legal’ professionals in adversarily-fighting Political-Parties

as the decision-makers for what we Need
and of what we have a “right” to actually satisfy as our need therein”


The maximum number of people
[in any Neighbourhood in the world]
for Democracy to work there
was sociologicly 6,000 … (at the close of the 20th century)

What are the facts now ? 

Are existing democracies only “wolves-in-sheeps-clothing” masks
for Covertly One-Way Top-Down Elite Oligarchies
and Three-Party-States  “dog-in-mangering” falsely and inhibitively  as “Peoples Democracies” ?

 and what the possibilities ?
surely People-Upwards Cooperatively-Participatory Democratisation
is possible – 


 if not, why not  ?

and what instead is likely to recognise –
to more egalitarianly-distribute –
and to less wastefully utilise

lifesupports and lifeplace-enablements

than the
Individually Capitalistic Privilegocracy
that deeply-historicly
we have long been top-down domineered by ?