Our Predicament.

In  the interests both  of  the British Peoples and of Peoples elsewhere around the World,
I feel it my Duty to publish my following response to the UK Local Plymouth Government and To Whom It May Concern.-

To Whom It May Concern.

PCC Councillors Concerned –
Welfare,  Holistic-Health-Building and  Finances                 Mr John S.D, Miles,  Carer No. P77099 ;
39B Miles Mitchell Avenue;
PL6 5LY.

PCC Adult Social Care                                                                 M 19 Feb 18


Subject:   Housing, Welfare, Holistic-Health-Building and Finances Mr JSD Miles carer no.P77099
and caree
Ms Adela Lewandowska [previously  Blazejak then Miles by terminated marriages]


Dear Sirs,

Cognisantly of previous correspondence,  I enclose  all documents possible for me,
namely bank statements of Adela Miles and of myself John Miles for the past minimum 3 months.


I would advise again that the joint, and individual, histories and cases of Adela Miles and of John Miles
contain serious iatrogenic injuries, Local-governmental  and Plymouth Community Housing
malfeasances and deliberate neglects of essential needs;
and also of Affinity Sutton/ColebrookSwLtd discrimination
and wrongful, injurious social-participation rejection, exclusion and banning.


I would also advise that constitutional, governmental, media and social suppression
of the true state of our Planet Earth  Lifesupports,
of the Global Civilisation’s Destructively-Adversary Worldwide Policies and Militancies,
and of the literal ‘strangulation’ of our personal and mutual Holistic Health Building
and of our Progression into Participatory Democratisation Needs and efforts,
by excessive governmental expenditure of taxpayers monies*,
and of unfair and distressful inhibition of our personal meagre incomes
and wrongful malevolent blocking of  best-appropriate housing**,


also the denial by PCC Adult Social Care, Housing, and other responsible parties
of their responsibilities, multi-interest meetings held,
and of the agreement therein for Mr J. Miles to undertake 24/7 care of Ms Adela Miles
from that meeting time mid-2013 (in Windsor House) open-endedly forward
until better ways could be found  and cooperatively-successfully entered into ;

and that not only have no such further positivising attempts come to us,
but hugely over-costly and underfit-for-real-life-purpose Deprivation of Liberty incarceration
has been forced to utterly replace and negate the effective social and domestic and personal care
Adela was cooperative to be succeeding at and  enjoying,
as a temporary-resident between-more-appropriate-co-housing
as a guest in 38B Miles Mitchell Avenue with Carer no.P77099 Mr JSD Miles –
but appropriate-re-housing that was deliberately blocked by both Plymouth Community Homes
[all ex-Plymouth City Council Housing Staff minions]
and by Plymouth City Council other branches too, notably both Housing and Adult Social Care.


The individual and collective human-development advances, and thereby  opportunities,
which  I had come across during my 30 years emigration to Australia –
(effectively 1971 to 2001 and beyond with weekly telephone supporting to Adela
who remained literally alone in Australia to support her impaired younger son)
– sound advances  for more cost-effective personal and neighbourhood
‘No-Lose’ Method lll Cooperative Problems Solving,
and for enablements in further human-development  to be brought into common neighbourhood use,
and into both pedagogical and androgogical education and practise,
which is still being ignored and suppressed,

as also are other advances such as “Perceptual Self-Con troll” [Powers] and “Positive Mind-setting” [Dweck]
which are far more positivising for both the short and the long-term of both Individual and Collective Human Development
than is the now seriously-flawed “Reinforcement Theory”.


The situation we are now faced with
is one of further excessive and underfit-for-purpose  local-government, national-government,
and global-civilisational excessive -expenditure and civilizational militant neglect
and even suppression of Individual Human Development  –
and therein of Self-&-Civilisational Co-Sustainworthying Movements.:

As the criminally-assassinated President John F. Kennedy said whilst still alive and well:-

(“)Those who are not supporting a peaceful-revolution are supporting  ‘bloody’-ones (”).


Both Adela and myself were making positive “life” progress,
and  in support of “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying  Movement” advancement, too  –


Alas!  The constitutional, official and popular-media “blindness”
to the range of Facts and Factors of the whole Earth’s predicament,
and the absence of both willingness and ability
to genericly inclusively follow forward the Human Development Advances
that have already, and for long decades so, been being published,
is “winning the day”
and consumingly-wasting-away not only our lifesupports but our positively-contributive personal efforts too.


Soon must surely come both the financial and  lifesupports crashes;


The civilizational tragedy is that now,
every penny we “spend” is only being applied by your official hands
to build more and bigger Mass-Lifesupports-Harvesting Machineries
to beyond many life-species Extinction,
and Mass-Destruction and Genocidal Weapons Armaments
in further  “support” of Earthlife-Destruction.

It is becoming so obviously too late to effect any Peaceful Repair and “Positive-Revolution”,


It was your overwhelming-power-majority UK choice;

to directly inhibit us
and our possibility of “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” –
as a cooperatively-participative Peaceful-Movement.


You are now ‘rorting’ our lives as well as our lifesupports and positive-potentials, to literally extinct Earthlife as well as Humankind;

You have made us helpless to stop that.


I am now under the doctor because of your recidivistic local and national-malfeasances and neglects.



I can only helplessly await your further dictates.


Yours faithfully,

John Miles.


*£500 for a sitter to be with Adela for 5 hours – was invoiced to Westminster by PCC 2014.
**Plymouth Community Homes “blocked” and did nor even acknowledge our requests,
nor that of Shelter Legal Unit,
to review the misunderstandings,  and the needs involved, peacefully.

“Those not supporting Peaceful-Revolution are supporting ‘Bloody’-Revolutions”.

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