Q1:- Could Humankind – ?

Could you include the 1330 FLASH REMINDER – below the below ?


[ Now then  could our Humankind – ]

Make a Peacefully-Revolutionary
Worldwide Constitutional

Advance ?   



Creating a Worldwide-Network
Peoples’-Scrutiny-&-Method lll Cooperative Problem Solving Centres ?

Whose duty would be to maintain scrutiny
of all Constitutions, Laws, Powers, Workplaces and Lifeplaces
(i)   in advance (such as of Parliamentary Bills before they can become Acts)
(ii) whilst in progress
(iii)  in review, retrospect, or “investigative-post-mortem”


Author JSDM’s ‘s Note:

A reasonably “non-negotiable”  new -foundation must be prepared and “unanimously-carried”  –

(1)  Such Peoples-Scrutiny Centres Network  must be “staffed”, “populated”, and administered
by individuals already established upon the “one-human-being needs just one-human-living” basis.

(2) Taking UK for instance, the National Peoples’ Scrutineering Centre would become
the new constitutional “5th Separation of Powers”
the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th already being
The Crown;
the Two Legislative Houses of Parliament;
the Judiciary;
and the Civil Service altogether;


such Peoples’ Scrutiny Network
would need to be “branched” in sub-centres
right down through Local Government levels
to small-neighbourhood levels-
therein also legally and facilitatively including

a channel potentially “right-up-to-the-top”
for individual-person-participation.


(3)    Q2  would probably come from another “source” 

[which now tends to include you and You(-all)]
need to hold in mind too,
that this Peaceful-Revolution
needs to accomplish bringing the existing worldwide constitutions
onto a basis of

“What is needed”
“How-best got or done ?”


– instead the prevailing so unfortunately-multi-deluded basis of 


already ‘owns that position’
–  ‘has that lifespan job’


[especially here we could
and so should
have the UK “taking a leading role”]

———  go to it now ?  ————