One-human-being NEEDS only one-human-living.

That  “One-human-being NEEDS only one-human-living” is in a very real sense now, “axiomatic”.



Let us go a-scrutinising ——-

We begin here with the 2017 Pelican publication of 

Basic Income: and How We Can Make It Happen
(by Guy Standing——>  and, of course, his “professional-school of “think-tankards”)

It has been a long time now since such peak-academic highly-funded Research began looking
at “one-human-living”in particular

but we havn’t heard one ‘peep’ from them  here in  and  –

–  neither it appears has the Parliamentary reach-out to the Public  – since at least May 2010 – .

[Thus speaks JSDM now  – with apology due to our Need for clarification and scrutiny of this SITUATION ]

Q1 for Guy and for his many and various Colleagues :-

So how many human-livings and assets are you each “pulling” ?