“The Last Compromise” – by J.S.D. Miles

If you’re reading this, then you are probably already devoted to surpassing “compromise”
for instance by being able to use the

” ‘No-Lose’ Method lll
of Needs-&-Hows-Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving ” –

  • ( what they also call “win-win-win” resolution –
    instead of any degree of non-support
    or of  ‘un-necessary-privation-or-loss’ .
  • ———————————-
  • Problem-Solving is the “easiest” to do ;
  • whilst
  • Conflict resolution is a mite more difficult – or “detailed – with ‘rules-for-cooperative progress'” if you will –

nonetheless they are both grounded in the same basic “No-Lose” intention and procedure .


The instance of a “compromise”,  when “win-win” would have been possible
was given by Shoshana Faire of the Australian International Conflict Resolution Network around 1990
in a workshop for Government Employees to learn the “No-Lose”procedure
[ ‘though back in their civil or public service workplaces they were never allowed to actually use those new skills] –

“A daughter and a son in a family, hurrying to catch their morning buses to school. 

Only one orange left on the kitchen table.  Mother and father are elsewhere,  not present.

“I need the orange” says the girl,  “No, I want it” says the boy.

[Sound of a bus going by]
“We’d better be quick – let’s cut it in half -“.

And so they each catch their bus.

Early evening at home again, mother asks “What was the kivuffle in the kitchen this morning ?”

“Oh, just that we each wanted an orange, but there was only one left – but it was OK, we cut it in half””.

Father enters and has overheard –

“So what did you each need orange for ?”

“For my lunch” said the boy,

“As zest for my cookery class” said the girl.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(your ‘reader’s task’
(should you have chosen to accept it)
is to write the concluding line there


Of course the main point is going to be “Time – we didn’t have time !”


There’d been time to argue,
time to find a sharp knife,
and make the cut,
and find  juice-proof wrappers –

surely peeling the orange would possibly have been quicker as well as “win-win”



Now look at the time we are all “wasting”  —  running “discussion-sites” like this one, for instance !!!


Was it great-grandmother ? – or Great great great Grandfather – ?


who could be clearly heard
sharing some real-life-experience, then –  ?

Bloody-well make time, then !”.