“The Establishment” – a gentle reminder

A very vital question seems to be trying to circulate through this Earth-Life : –
“How many times deluded might you be thinking yourself to be ?”
“How many human-beings do you “think” you are ?”

{How many human-livings per week,
– and per lifetime –
are you,
or do you ‘think’ you should be,
or have you ever been,
being paid ?

Note; 1 quite-sufficient human-living being (say) £300 per week}


is classified as a “rational” mind-function
[at least by soberly-reliable Jungian findings].

{ Jungians also found the other basic-mind-functions to be Intuition; Feeling;  Sensation; and to ‘cap’ them all – Transcendental.
And Laban independently found the basic human Body-Movements to ‘correlate’ with those mind-functions – both factually and deeply-historicly.


Now then,
let us take a quick but unhurried look “into” our “Life” – and especially rather-focally into our Civilisation(s) –

By “definition” the Constitution can not be wrong –


it can be neither readily-improved
nor even “thought” at all ‘wrong’, ‘imperfect’, or ‘inadequate’.-

In short, our Constitutions are like “the Word of God” – they can not be changed

[except that in the case of The Holy Bible,
at least,
numerous differently worded Versions already persist]

1918 =============  1930 and we need to break-away to do more “chores”