“My Life Decision Making Report-to-Public” – by John SDM.

“Writing a book is a horrible exhausting struggle – “
Owen Thomas in
The Establishment
how they get away with it
(- reiterating George Orwell’s words from 1948.)
—— 1330 Tuesday 13 February 2018- ———–


of course,
not only has
since its ‘inception’

been “making decisions”

but is evidently continuing so to be doing –

Within all-of-that, ‘though –

you make your decisions

I make mine .

Here’s my Opening Raison de Vivre
“I live because Life “insists” upon it”.

Here now the

Opening Synopsis

Like Hugh Thomas, Armesto, Mindell and kindred “life-communicators” opuses,
this ‘life-account’ attempts to report the “Now and maybe-tomorrow”” – “up-front” –

and leaves the reader to follow the traditional
and Personal-Autobiographical stories and illustrative details
on other pages that shall be ‘cumulatively-published’
either here
or via www.lifefresh.co.uk  and/or  www.one-human-living.com ..

Much has of course already been published – here, and there.

I wish you “good pickings”.


Currently now in February,
the British –  and possibly the Australian – authorities

[who also lay quite hugely-costly claim to being our egalitarianly and non-iatrogenic  “holistic-health-&-social-life-carers” ]

are in the deeply-safely-entrenched democraticly-constituteds process

of seizing Monies from us somewhat helpless ‘disableds’ –
and therein from  ‘deprivation of liberty imprisoned’ Ms Adela Lewandowska
[a ‘poor old great-grandmother woman’
but loyal and 93 years-long suffering commonwealth citizen
previously ‘less-than-successfully-married – except for producing and rearing two sons –
(1) Blazejak
[tragicly and penuriously widowed by a work-accident in Australia];
and from 1972 to 1973 as
(2) Miles for “life-companionship”
{which didn’t work out well either but took a long time to ‘correct’ by mutual-divorce-absolute 1998].

as they say “watch this space”  –   and see the Timeline and Autobiographical pages for more details


Meanwhile today midday-ish the young “Amazon-market” man
has delivered a ‘further-than-mere-sustainworthying’ publication called

The Establishment 
and how they get away with it
(by Owen Jones – author of Chaos)

————- anyway it is time to ‘switch’ the Timeframing Task
to chores
and to the major-final-decluttering needing to be completed here in 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue ASAP as well –


Some people are very strict, aren’t they  –  you mustn’t advertise your details, especially your address –

but everyone knows where our Prime Minister or Ministress lives, don’t they  –
that’s 10 Downing Street, isn’t it ?

So this being an egalitarian democratic country,
anyone should feel free and responsible to know
where any other democratic-participant lives, shouldn’t they ?

-‘We’ are very “strapped” here in 39B for “the time being”  –

but  ‘we’ll’ make every endeavour to “keep-on-participating-and-sharing” —
—1315—– (break now maybe until tomorrow Wednesday morning – – -)

1330  –  immediately relevancy – Owen Jones’s words ring-true for us here and now, too :-

“Writing a book is a horrible exhausting struggle – “


for further detail.