Civilisation Re-Construction Peacefully Needed

Consider please
that there is enough Civilisation-time
and enough

Earth-Lifesupports-Time/Quantity and Quality

and that both
we little almost helpless individual “worker-“, “soldier-“, “waiter-” –
as-it-were  ‘ants-on-the-ground’


those employed and paid –
[but many ‘voluntarily’ – not-paid]
to build our buildings and harvest our foods

as our human-civilisation workforce 

for us to not only

but also to ‘comfortably-frugally and longest-term-sustainworthily’
too –

even with the early-expected Humankind-Problem-Solving Sustainworthy-Result
succeeding in vitally including
the absolutely-essential “Waste Not Want Not” wisdom –
just one-complete-human-living-each  —

————-           Just   Suppose   – ————— 

that there is still “Time” –  

Adela taught me these few words :

The world is in a mess –
Whatever shall I do ?
A still small voice then seemed to say –
‘Just make a better “you” ‘.”.

Ever since we’ve been searching for some-one to advise us “How ?”