Why is ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving So Unwelcome – and thus so “Strange and Impossible” ?

Conflict-Resolution and Cooperative Problem Solving-

Even Arnold Mindell’s
Sitting Through The Fire
= How to Do Large Group Problem Solving and Conflict-Resolution
omits mention of both
the Parent/People/Leader/Teacher Effectiveness Training  and its “win-win-win” Method lll
the Australian International Conflict Resoluition Netwprk’s Guidance manual
Every-One Can Win
by Cornelius (backed up by Shoshana Faire in Workshops.

Method lll works very well to construct a Plan whereby each person gets their real-need met.  –

so why isn’t it being attempted and learned and put-into-action  ?

Here is a brief outline of the ‘No-Lose’ Method lll –
the Aim of which is to give every-participant time to find their own ‘underlying’ real need
and then to co-operatively plan how best every-one’s real need could be met
[including the real-need of every not-present person who is likely to be affected by the main-meeting’s Plan A and Plan B.]

Give each person in eqaulistic turn enough time to “delve within their-self” for their personal real-need.

No interrupting;  no suggesting;  no “interpreting”,  no re-wording of what each person says; equal time and self-expression.

1   Agree unanimously with the exact wording of the Situation and the Problem therein.

Keep going around and recording “verbatim” just what each participant says of their own accord.

2.   Each in tujrn “imagine” a solution that might best suit every-one’s real-need.
No “judging” nor “improving”.
Keep going around.

3.   Evaluiate each suggestion in turn.   4.   Either construct a compsite solution from “the best” parts of each offered solution;

or choose just one pon its own.   5.   Co-construct a Plan A –

and a P{lan B “contingency” action should Plan A suffer setback or ‘sabotage’ from outside or from inside.