Whilst one just needs to 

Do It

there are many “peripherals” that need or bear at least “mentioning”  –

not least that-

the whole “goddammed” human-race
needs to
and clean itself.

Oh, there are new-knowledges
and both old and new practical Know-Hows, too
being affordably published

and even true non-profiteering –
yet longest-term-sustainworthy Life-Leaders
publishing such advances –

and increasingly some of us real lowest-income-and-expenditure people, worldwide,
are voluntarily learning-how,
and are thus becoming,
either by “vocation” or “mission” – or both –
“Life-Stewards”, “Life-Supporters”, “Life-Followers”

And maybe soon
sufficiently more of the core-essential “Rich and Powerful People”
and will “convert” -=
turn their ‘private-personal-booty” into “Life-Sustaining-Cooperative-Bounty”

and start to show their faces
and begin to help with their bodily-examples too

{ as well as with those  “bounties” }

begin to both implement and constitutute “Sustainworthiness”
and the making of sustainworthiness a
“New Human Life-Movement-In-Progress”
in both individual-selves and in world-wide and future human-civilisation’.

  ————— jsdm —— Midday Sunday 11 February 2018 ——-

Look You Now Too,  Please   –

There are many seriously-well-meaning  publications
which ‘unfortunately’ “fall-flat” –

because –

 whilst they include seriously-needed facts and factors –
fail to give a down-to-Earth and readily-followable

clear guidance –

or they otherwise prove to be only ‘possible’
and ‘happening’
elsewhere than where you
(and maybe great majorities of Peoples)
are actually living.

Instantiation :-
A New Beginning For Humankind  A Recipe for Lasting Peace on Earth  [R.B.Herath; 2012]
‘Woollily’ concludes as follows:

  • There is no excuse for inaction – for anyone.  Let us all start now.  Together we will succeed.May everyone care for the needs of others and share what is available in an equitable manner

    May everyone forgive and forget any harm done by others.

    May everyone always act responsibly in  a trustworthy and reliable manner.

    May everyone appreciate the wellbeing and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own –
    irrespective of race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, language, culture, and identity.
    =========12 52 ==========

  • Holistic Nursing – 

  •  A Handbook for Practice  2nd edition  [ Dossey, Keegan, Guzzetta & Kolkmaier. 1986 ]

  • Outside Back Cover by the Authors :-
    “Therapeutic touch, Massage, Relaxation, Guided imagery, Music.
    Today a growing number of nurses are using the best of the ancient healing arts to complement traditional medical techniques  –
    with exciting results !”
    “You too can bring these powerful yet safe techniques into your work with patients
    with the new edition of this classic handbook” …

    “Today the demand for alternative therapies is great.
    With the help of this inspiring handbook, you can bridge the gap
    between these therapies and traditional-medicine –
    with an approach that integrates caring and healing into nursing practice.”.

    “This timely guidance will help nurses assume a leading role in shaping the future of health care…
    and return nursing to its \roots as a true healing profession.

  • ============================
  • Our big-problem with this “better life-sustaining nursing news” is

  • that 20 years “along the life-track”
    and it simply is not happening here-abouts  –

  •  maybe not even “heard-of” yet !

    ——- 1319 Sunday ——-