“Little-Things” You’ve Been Set-Up to Ignore

What would it cost for you to sit with your impaired or disabled relative or neighbour
for 6 hours ?

Then why did our elected Local government authorities
our-Central Westminster Government out of our taxes


for a young minimum-wage mere “sitter”
[not “nurse” or “carer”]
to sit from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.with Ms Adela Lewandowska
in an unfriendly discriminatory and false-witnessing staff and neighbourhood
in an O-Studio-flat (small ‘bedsitter’)
owned by ex-Plymouth City Council’s
Plymouth Community Homes  at Brake Farm –

 And why get Mr. John Miles to become her 24/7 voluntary unpaid carer, safety-minmder, advocate, companion and general-lifesupports help –

and then not only not issuing the Minutes and Notes of that meeting in Windsor House 2013, but not supporting that Care
and ultimately denying they had made that co-commitment
and then supporting the false-blackening by neighbours and staff at Brake Farm,
of both Ms Adela and Mr Miles
whilst the Plymouth Community Homes and the PCC
covertly listed both Adela and Mr Miles as being “anti-social”  –
and when asked repeatedly by Carer P77099 Mr Miles,
and then by Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelter lawyers
to conduct a higher level management meeting
to clear the misunderstandings
and to find Adela (and her voluntary carer) more appropriate accommodation –
they neither did so nor even acknowledged those communications.

And that is only a part of the discrimination and victimisation
that has been heaped so scurrilously upon each and both Adela and Mr Miles.
and remains life-impairingly heaped  upon us – since 2001.
now since 2014 also by Affinity Sutton Landlord and a ‘normal-hard-core’ of Miles Mitchell Estate residents.


Now consider please the enormously exorbitant  TOTAL “ripping-off”
being covertly “achieved”
by both Governments and the “Private” Sector
of our Lifesupports, Taxes, and
Personal Human Efforts to build Peace and Holistic Health . 

Governments and Organisations who are at the same time
Sustain-worthy Peace
Holistic Wellness, Wellbeing, and Health


Not only
are our worldwide-peoples’ Efforts, Lifesupports, and Monies –
are still being commandeered
by Adversarially-Militant
and Falsely-‘Economical’
Rulers, Constitutions,
and their sub=servient
Whole Nations and Communities of People,

but our –
and this Living-Earth’s –
peace and holistic-health building needs –
and the advances still being made
and affordably published
to guide and support
Peaceful Human and Lifesupports development, conservation and preservation
by our own selves
guided by honest, capable and sober-minded  human-life-leaders —
in Knowledge and Know-How thereto  .


and no longer one-way top-down directively and dictatorially
by incompetent and totally-wasteful and bottom-line-Destructive super-rich Oligarchs



Making your self,

 Kindred People,
this Earth’s Dwindling Lifesupports