Britain Therefore Britons Actively Support, Promote, and Profiteer from both ‘Bloody-Revolution’ and ‘Genocidal-Massacre’

Those not supporting peaceful revolution are supporting ‘bloody-revolution’ “-
President J.F. Kennedy


There are two ways of “supporting” most things-
(1)  overtly
(2)  covertly


There are also two ways of “suppressing”
whatever is not supportive to ‘militant-adversarism’ and ‘bloody-revolution’ :  by
(1)  commandeering the peace-builders’ lifesupports
for the purpose of supporting or promoting ‘bloody-revolution’;
(2) excluding from Constitutions, Law, Civil-Practice and Education –
the knowledge and know-how of Sustainworthy Peacebuilding.


The British Constitution, Law, Economy, Civil and Educational systems
are deeply and exlusively entrenched in all of the above –

for instance

not least by profiteering
off selling genocidal weaponry to Saudi Arabia
to exterminate a whole Nation of People in Yemen –

but also “on our Home-Front”
by denying Major Sources and Serious Life-Enablement Guidances
for All-of-the-British-People to Enjoy
both Education for the Lifeplace
and Training for the Workplace

in Peace-Building and Holisticly-Healthy-Lifestyling .