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Teaching English to Refugees

by Lord Hylton • 07/02/2018 • 0 Comments

Some of this is done by volunteers. More could be done, for example, by mobilising students to teach English.

Our central government is, however, the main provider of this essential service. It is essential because it enables refugees and their families to work or study, to communicate with their neighbours, and to move towards full citizenship. Despite this, government funding was cut by some 60 percent between 2010 and 206.

Lord Alton of Liverpool asked in an Oral Question on 6 February for increased resources. Our Government replied that some extra money is available for vulnerable refugees from Syria, and for Muslim women in general.

“Refugee Action” and other voluntary organisations are calling for government investment of 42 million pounds per year to provide at least 8 hours per week of English teaching for refugees in their first two years here.

This is a win-win proposal, and I support it wholeheartedly. It would help the shortage of nurses and other skilled people, and would reduce the need to bring in large numbers of low skilled workers each year.


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08/02/2018 at 4:44 pm

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You have there a huge
and dangerously militantly-confrontational Issue,
Lord Hylton,
not least
because there is,
a hugely-complex
but absolutely-essential Task
still awaiting
both Your* and ‘The Participatory World’s”‘
Method lll ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving
‘win-win-win’ Proactive and Constitutional
Resolution and Cooperative Peace-Building.
1. Clean, Clarify, Simplify, and Bring-Up-To-Date
all argumentational and educational English vocabulary and terminological-usage.
1a, Expose the concealed real existential-sense and meaning of English words and terminology –
1b starting perhaps with the current
“non-sequitural/red-herring/enthymemal/ conflational abuse”
of the Human Mind – English or Foreign –
under such “common and politically-correct” spin-doctorings as

when the case is “disinformation”, “rumour”, “smart sales-talk” et nauseam;

“ethnic-cleansing”/ “in the National Interest”
when the case is “criminal-persecution, deprivation, and genocide”,

“friendly-fire” / “collateral-damage”
when the case is “accidentally or neglectfully ‘shot-in-back-by-own-troops’ “.
* ‘Your’ = responsible and empowered English Language peer colleagues, “academic-bodies” and “stewards-at-large”.
** “myth” see also Robert Graves’s “The Greek Myths Vol 1 for a 12-point distinction of what is and what is NOT “myth”
We also need to fully shoulder our Duty
to “Life, as well as to both God and Man”
to make and maintain the English Language
“absolutely fit-for-this Earth’s and All-of-Humankind’s upon it
Longest-Term-Future-Planning-and-Practical-Know-How Needs”

Peace. JSDM..