How Compatible Are Our “Traditional British Values” with the Earth Itself and Our Future Human Needs ?

Evidently our

“Traditional British Values”

are founded from over 500 years ago in

our longstanding “excessive-consumption” and “capital-entrenchment”
of (now) 500% more than our fair-share
of the World’s and the Earth’s Now-Increasingly-Limited Lifesupports, Resources, Produce, and Human-Effort.  


Anybody reading this know what “Values” we now need,

and especially
what “Values” in the Onrushing-Future  ?


And –

How shall we repay that now hugely-greater-then-mere-money

Life-&-Lifesupports Debt  ? 

And how shall we restore
the Life and Lifesuports Sources
that we have thus inhibited, impoverished, extincted and destroyed abroad ?