Vital Foci – sequentially one-at-time “self-checklisting” —>

How comfortable am I now feeling-
within my own different Limits –
including as I move and vary myself ?


(2) How familiar am I with any of –
and how-many of –
the available and advancing
“Sustainworthy-Life-&-Living Guidances” ?

(a)  Method III ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem-Solving – 5-Steps ?

(b) How familiar and ‘workable’ am I with
and ‘The-Human in General’,
Self-Movement Abilities and Improvement Guidances
(i) The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement

(ii)  Effort  and  “Better Human Movement For All”


Perhaps ’twas I –

who needed to “wake up”  

to what’s-what 

and to

what’s not  –     

[Quotation by JSDM “Anon”]
Also “perhaps” –
we really do each need to be keeping checklists
of and for our-own-self-doings,
own needs, wants, wishes, dreams –
and All
maybe even including our ‘disasters’ or ‘nightmares ——–>


A Suggested “Foci” Big-Picture List :-

(1)  How Am I  –  and What Do I need – Now and ‘Nextly’ ? 

(2)  How are my various environments ?

(3)  What Priorities and their ‘Timeframings’ do I need to set now ?  [How shall I dress myself, and in what time-units –
{5-seconds-units, 10-seconds’s, 1-minute’s , total 5-minutes ?}

(4)  What is the “Offcialdom -World” demanding (NOT merely “expecting”) of me ?



Sources List

(i) The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement (Wildman)

(ii)  Effort  (Laban & Lawrence)
and  “Better Human Movement For All” (Newlove and Dalby Laban For All)
furthering the world-first comprehensibly-foundational advance
into describing and performing
all eight basic-human movements – and their main derivatives)