Safe and Sustainworthying Places to Be In and to Go To –


Unfortunately none;
in fact almost the very opposite –

all places are NOT supporting a Peaceful-Revolution – nor a Peaceful-Reformation –
nor even a “Self-&Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

that appears to be because all ‘majorities’ are “content” to “abide” within the
Historicly “Successful” Militantism of the Leading-Democratic Western World and its History —

and to let the “Bloody-Revolutions & Wars Gestate and Explode” in or between Foreign Countries –

or in Other Cities,  other Neighbourhoods,  Other Families and Homes –
rather than the one we are “already peacefully”  living in –
YELVERTON  ?  [Nowhere yet]

TAVISTOCK  ?  [one or two “friendly-ish” places, but none truly “sustainworthying” yet ]


Maybe we should “explore” IVYBRIDGE ?




The Green Tables cafe ?  [perhaps, but  “not quite ready yet to support “Peaceful Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”]

The Peoples Cafe  {perhaps more possible some of the time, with a few of the regular persons}



That’s no longer likely to be “safe” either –