Our 24/7 Carer-Caree and Human-Being Predicament

Open Message to the Human-Public


You’re putting all the blame, responsibility and punishment
–  for the Authorities’ and Nation’s neglects, shortcomings and deliberate-malfeasances,

on Adela and Me…

Surely you see how the “NHS” is bottomlessly swallowing-up-resources and funds
which should be going to building our Wellness and Holistic Health
quite separately from Hospitalising us
and Treating  our Illnesses – so often “revolving-doors-ly year-in, year-out” ?
and taxpayer funds should be helping us to pay the extra that essential personal treatments and educations cost –
as only the Complementary and Alternative Health Education and Subtle Personal Therapies Sector can provide ?
Bottom-Line too:-
That £500 a day 9am to 4pm  that PCC Adult Social Care “conned” out of Westminster –
for a minimum wage young, but ‘caring-unskilled’ Sitter (who was good)
to be with Adela
but whilst I had to pay-my-own-way to Totnes
for essential Human Care and Development education not available in Plymouth !-

That alone would have paid the right competent home-assistance
to keep us de-cluttered and  to otherwise help us to proceed positively.
Still it is the the same predicament – of their deliberate making,, .. –
They make us “walk the plank” and then blame us for drowning..
{Quotation:  “It is the scum that rise to the top …”  ]
Those who live and act as if they are in a “Perfect”  Nation-of-People , organisation and walk-of-life,
have become Dangerous
because they have cut-themselves off from learning anything really New.
Don’t you see how what JFKennedy said is another Truth we all need to take-on-board –
“Those who are not supporting Peaceful-Revolution are supporting Bloody-Revolution ”  –
and that “bloodiness”  is growing and spreading all over the world.now,
out of control -and planned only ultimately ‘stoppable’
by “Cuts”, “Sanctions”, “Deprivations-of-Liberty”, and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.
Now, what Peaceful-Revolution are you (and ‘Yours’) supporting ?
How much more of our low-incomes, health, and life-spirit  are you also supporting
to be taken away to bloat the already Too-Fat-and-Rich-and-Life-Itself-Incompetent  ?and “into the bargain”
how long are you going to go on also supporting
their impossible,  insane and non-sustainworthy non-sustainable
further long-term “Blind-Freddy”  Destructive and Suicidal Strategies –

On whom – and on what- are you relying to support and save us –  Pray ?

1700 Wednesday 07 February 2018 ========== JSDM ==============