“The” Absolute Bottom-Line


Apart from all the other “News” and “debating Threads-in-Progress”  –

with their many and various


etcetera etcetera etcetera – “ad nauseams”


in this “Life-on-Earth or Not” Gordian-Knot-like

7-billion human-beings Paralysing “Clinch” –

You face the Ultimate Choice –

No longer is it

“We” who must join together to save both ourselves and this Earth’s Life-Supports



You – ‘alone’ too  –
face THE Ultimate Choice –

between  wholeheartedly supporting and taking a live part in
an already “feet-on-the-ground carefully moving -‘ground-swell’ “

literally improving your own body-and-mind’s “move-ability an flexibility –
in an ultimate Life-Sustainworthing Peaceful-Revolution

– using and following the same seriously-non-fiction Guidance-Sources as this e-site makes lists of
for a specificly peaceful and careful
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”


You are already supporting and participating in the

“Insidiously Toxic and Bloody-Extinction
of both Humankind
most other Life on this Planet Earth.”