“Pausing” – to prepare –

“Pausing” – to prepare -.0453

For instance -pausing now to prepare¬† “Instantiation” :-

Instantiation #1  Pre-preparatgion #-3 #3 is necessaryu to be inserted here
[in case there are three things to be done before one can actually begin and complete the ‘pause’ :- 0457

for sub-instance , before I can go on typing here, I need to properly clothe myself –

as when previously “pausing” my breakfasting I had first to re-cap the Marmalde pot – etcetera etcetera etcetera – always rememberting the while

that 0500
“re-capping” may well be taken by “other-participants” to mean “Summarising the heretofore;
rather than screwing the lid on the jar” … ” …—— 0503 coming-up ———>