A Human Life Backwards –

“A Human Life Backwards” –

        05 February 201  <— – – – –>  19 October 1927



Today I find myself
sort-of ‘passively-welcoming’
the clear blue sky, no-gales-blowing,
cold but “sunny-day” –

And I continue to be both a proactive-‘champion’ –
of an ’embryo’

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

and a

and a
“Dissenter –
[and non-violently ‘against’]

De-Facto World-Domineering,
Top-Down Militantly-Adversary,
Elite-Oligarchical and Non-Improvable
Establishmentarian “Elite”

and their 100s-of-millions of ‘Bloody-Reformative’ Political-Parties and “Independent” people

under the ‘Triumphant Man-Over-Nature’
Socially-Mobile World-Workforce


Super-Technologically-Armed, Tooled-Up,
and ‘Luxury-Lifestyled’-

Multi-Billionaire4d & PhD’d
Individual-Capitalists’ ‘Consumers’ Marketplace
and ‘Global-Civilisation”.-
(-ing ——–>  i.e. still-in-progress)

There is a goodly number of
“Peacefully-Revolutionary Educational and Individual-Human-Development Guidances ”
and long-term-sustain-worth quotes, too :-

among which John F Kennedy told us
“Those not supporting Peaceful-Revolution are supporting Bloody Revolution”

But one can make-up one’s own “aphorisms and ‘wisdoms’ too :-

“Since all Losers are Bad –
[ because they now have insufficient to be welcomed as ‘fair-weather-friends’]

All winners are also Bad –
[because they now have far too much
and far too many “human-livings” to be constantly “laundering” and “spending-away”
in support of the Neo-liberal market-economy’s “growth” dominance] “.

So “where I need to back to next – ?

Let’s say “a summary-sketch of a decade at a time – later day by day to be “filled-in” (wink-wink)

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