Modern “Uroboroses”

The “Uroborois” is  a “snake-with-its-own-tail-in-its-mouth” –

an ancient “Earthlife-symbol” –

standing for a usually very-self-movable and acrobatic life-form “unable-to-move-neither-forwards-nor-backwards”
“some ‘creature’-circling-inwards-on-itself-in-ever-=decreasing-circles-“

possibly even until
“it-finally-disappears- up-its-own-basic-orifice” .

An dual- interesting ‘thing’ is


that such an all-exclusive and utterly  “closed-in-upon-itself” even “eating-one’s-self”
is a pictorial metaphor or “‘satire’ for
certain Human-Organisations strategies or Tactics “gone-wrong” and “unawarely-so”. –

and even for the “stuck” life-behaviour of an individual person
[see Jung’s research work and Erich Neumann’s “The Great Mother”)]


that the “snake” can be curled either inwards, or outwards –

[one would here surmise that Jung was ‘led’ by this
to see how we human ‘body-mind-spirits’ can be mainly either
“introverted” –

and how later he realised that the preferred model of human-disposition or life-orienting would be
qua figuratively again the “uoboricised-snake”  becoming “ambiverted” and thus be more preferably-naturally able to “progress”
and on the other “hand” to also become able to “comfortably curl-up and recuperate”.


“The Point” is yet to be further “revealed” and perchance be “discovered”  –
perhaps even  by “us”  –

There com two further little “factors” –

(i)  the similarity of the “bio-uroboros” to a “swirling-galaxy around ‘its own-black-hole’ ” –

with all the accompanying Size, Colour and Speed variations – 

Consequence Issue Instance :-
An Earth lifeform, although still alive and thriving,
and in apparently plentiful numbers,
may yet have “passed-the-point-of-no-return” on a “downwards-into-extinction” negative-curve..

[One of the Whale species was so declared in the 199Ts
that although still being some 500 in number,.they had been “eroded” to such an extent
that even if conserved by Human Wildlife Powers,
would nonetheless be extincted by Nature itself

[“Nature” being – according to CG Jung’s prior  ‘observations’ – “neutral” [in such Matters].

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