‘Deprivation of Liberty’ 93 year-old disabled loyal woman-citizen Imprisoned-without-Recourse –

trying to compose a notice of two over-90 years old loyal and peaceful-reform British Commonwealth Citizens

denial of our need and right to Holistic Health Care and Wellness-building, and Confiscation of Incomes by Government and “Private-Care” authorities

an email draft in progress

Both the Amberley Care House owners (Mr and Mrs Webb),
the  Government,
are reviewing both Adela’s income and mine. –

with intrentions to make “us” pay for her “care” in Amberley House Plympton –

[in point of fact she is unhappily and non-holistic=health-building imprisoned under a Deprivation-of-Liberty Order)

[ they have us registered as a married couple ; as being both “anti-social” –
banned from appropriate-housing bidding,
banned from social-and-neighbourhood participation –
and being without evidence of any Power of Attorney] -!] –
7 days left to respond.with impossibly-lengthy lists of documents required – “or under existing evidence will have to pay in full”
We have no effective and timely recourse neither under Law nor under NGO  nor with Private establishments or ‘people’..