Past the Point of No Return

Humankind Everywhere
is still
Both Demanding & Destroying
More than this Earth can Provide –

Especially the middle and top of the Elite Tower of Babble Pyramid
Are Living Beyond both the Earth’s and Our Own Humankind Needs and Means

“All Eggs in One Basket”
becoming ourselves not just Un-sustainworthy
but our progeny-generations born and trained Non-Sustainworthy


Especially Including the “Developed”, “The Wealthy”,  and the “Powerful-Leaders”-

Human Civilisations on this Earth

Are All Now –
both Unable and Unwilling –
to live off one-human-living each –
in a Peacefully-Reformed
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

in short we are already “in sight of “


Passing –
the Point of
No Return

1630  Saturday ————- chores ————- ‘sorry’ — but “keep-smiling”